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Take a Screenshot by Tapping the Back of Your iPhone

Saifuddin Slatewala
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If you own an iPhone 8 or later running iOS 14 or later, you can now take a screenshot just by tapping its back thanks to a new accessibility feature called Back Tap, which you’ll have to configure for the task.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. In Settings, tap “Accessibility.”
  2. On the next screen, tap “Touch.”
  3. On the “Touch Settings” screen, scroll down until you see the “Back Tap” option, then tap it.
  4. In “Back Tap” settings, you have a choice of assigning the screenshot action to either two taps (“Double Tap”) or three taps (“Triple Tap”) on the back of the case. Select the option you’d like.
  5. In the menu that pops up, scroll down the list until you locate “Screenshot,” then select it. 6.After that, go back one menu level to make sure your selection is saved, then exit Settings.

That is it now next time you tap two or three times (depending on which setting you chose) on the back of your iPhone, iOS will capture an image of your iPhone’s current screen and save it to an image file. The screenshot images you take will be saved in your photo album as usual, and they can be viewed later in the Photos app. Have fun!

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