Discussion on: How do you manage your time?

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Said Aspen

I try to keep a clear calendar. Only things I absolutely have to do is kept in calendar. I fight hard to make sure my calendar is clean.

Also trying to avoid todo lists. If I cannot remember something, it probably was not important enough in the first place.

Inspired by Buffet and Munger.
Not sure it’s of any use to you.

Another thing. Having a daily routine helps a lot. I have find that worrying about having too little time is often worse than actually having too little time. By having a daily routine I find that I stress less about time and time management.

Thirdly. Having kids, and a family, to attend to takes time. And should take time. It is probably the time that matters the most. At least that’s what we will feel when we are older. Just accepting that fact also helps.
Being present when with the family, and not thinking about work, or what needs to be done, also helps a lot in many ways.

In other words. Time management is an illusion:)

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Mpho Mphego Author

Hahahahaha, to top it of we living in a simulation which validate your argument regarding time management.