Discussion on: code metrics from your repository

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Said Aspen

So, let me get this right. You create an account here on dev.to basically only to advertise your little tool? And...
The website is sub-par, with basically the only thing you are presenting is a CHECKOUT button for people to dish out 33 USD to buy something which they don't even know what it is?

If you are serious, then here is some advice:

  • Fix your website. There are plenty of free Hugo static-webpages that can be used.
  • Show examples of how this works and what it is for. What it works for and what it does not work for
  • Make your case. Explain to us why there is a business case in buying this.
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Johnnes Souza

Yeah, I really missed more information about the app.
Looks like some important info is missing, just some sort of 'propaganda'.

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Stephen Batty 💾 Author

Well you can download the jar and try it out, there is a big green button for that - 3 months free trial version, email support further options.

I have listed the current features on there.

Thanks for the feedback - but I don't have time or money to improve the website yet. But yeah I will try and get some screenshots up.