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Rejection Hurts !

sagarbarapatre profile image Sagar Barapatre ・3 min read

It's not a mystery to anyone that has been looking for a job that in most of the positions you apply to you won't get an answer, or if you do it will be to let you know that you have been rejected. That happened to me too: I also tried applying to lots of other companies, like Shopify, Stripe or Airbnb, etc. and in all of them, I got rejected before even getting to the interview process.

At first, all those rejections made me reconsider if I should even keep trying: if all those companies were rejecting me before even interviewing me, maybe I wasn't good as a Software Engineering Intern. Maybe my experience wasn't enough, or maybe it was the lack of open source contributions. I tried to analyse what I did differently to reach further in some of the process, but the problem was that I couldn't compare that situation to the others, because on those I didn't even had the chance to prove my skills.

Then it's when I realised one of the most valuable lessons I've learned from my neighbour who is a Software Engineer itself: the "me" that got rejected from lots of companies is the same "me" that got an offer from XYZ Company. My experience was the same, my skills were the same, my potential was the same. The only difference between those two days, is that one I was suppose to be more lucky than the other: maybe that version of my CV will highlight exactly something that they were looking for or maybe it's simply that Linkedin search results showed me on the second page instead of the tenth. I'm not sure what may have been the root cause, but the consequence was that it will allow me to get to the interview process, where the outcome depended only on myself.

Getting rejected is hard, because we tend to think that we've done something wrong and that there's something about ourselves that we should change. But it's important to realise that sometimes the reason for being rejected was completely out of our control, and that what we have to do is not to get discouraged and stop, but to keep trying until you get a chance to actually show what you're worth.

I know people are always on about "if the company doesn't want you, it's their loss". Maybe, that is true but it doesn't change the fact that it still hurts (even a bit). Honestly, whenever I get an email from a potential employer these days I just read with one eye open, whenever I see that "unfortunately" I just close the whole app and even my phone. But it is what it is I guess, people have told me this industry is brutal especially to New Devs. I think that I would feel better if I get a detailed response from a real person (not some automated mailbox you can't reply to) regarding why I was rejected and what I can to do improve. I know some companies do it, but I personally have never encountered one(and i have sent out A LOT of applications). But yeah, Rejection hurts.

Thoughts ??

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Peter • Edited

Yeah rejection sucks especially if you're not sure why you have been rejected. But, you have to get used to it. You can't let it stop you from putting yourself out there because rejection hurts in the short term never trying and the guilt from not trying hurts a lot more.