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A Bitter Reality of Software Engineering in India

sagarbarapatre profile image Sagar Barapatre ・5 min read

3-Idiots – the first thing that a father tells upon the sight of a new-born (boy) is "Mera beta engineer bangega!”. More than your own, choosing a career is a decision of your parent, friends and, of course, our friendly neighbourhood.

Story of Most Indian Engineers.

1) You take up engineering after scoring high marks in 12th hoping that you will have a good career out of it.
2) You fail in first semester of engineering and are determined to score good marks next semester and the cycle repeats after every semester.
3) You realise that engineering wasn't for you, you didn't have anyone to guide while you were choosing your career.
4) You may be topper of your school but in engineering you just struggle for 35% marks.
5) You just read a day or two before the exams,you pass in some and fail in many.
6) At some point of time you consider quitting engineering but you hang in the because you have already wasted much of your time and parent’s money .
7) At last you complete your engineering degree even it took longer than expected or it was harder than expected.


Don’t you get surprised to see engineering colleges like pre-schools? I mean how simple is it now to get an engineering degree and end up being a Software Engineer?

In one of the top company survey it’s found that 95 percent of engineers in India are unfit to get software development jobs. They found that only 4.77 percent of candidates can write a correct logic for a programme; this is a minimum level requirement for any programming job.

Bluntly put, the life of software engineers in India is at its miserable for most. Unarmed with the right skills. Many of these graduates have settled for some odd jobs that don’t correlate engineering even by a far-fetched margin. There are B. Tech (in IT) graduates who are bank peons, primary school teachers, and shop owners. You will end up meeting an engineer time and again. Recently I met one software engineer who was OLA driver and he mentioned he got fired from top IT Company/ Adding to the woe for those who actually deserve the opportunities is the lack of one. They have to slog and there is barely any scope for creativity and innovation!

Software Engineering profession is filled with lot of fake and idiot peoples. If someone is having Engineering degree, doesn’t mean he is a real Engineer. They got the degree because their parents are rich, They have a lot of money to make their child engineer. They mug up the things and finally clear the Engineering.

The story wont end here. To get entry into the organisations as a fresher, you will need to clear that damn fucking THEORETICAL APTITUDE test WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROGRAMMING. This is totally wrong. A person who has cleared the aptitude means he mugged up some formulas and that’s it. Software engineering is not about just mugging up the things. It is about thinking. It is about the writing the logic for your business.

Apart from this there is one more hurdle, those bloody bastards Non technical idiot managers. There are individual contributors. I’m calling them individual contributors because they are only interested in showing what they do, not about what their team is doing. These people never appreciates good technical work, they only appreciates people who sugarcoat them. And yes, I’m calling them non technical. These are people with half knowledge which is very dangerous(You know very well why they are very dangerous).

So this is process you need to follow to get selected. And because of this kind of people the most of the people who get selected are Non-Technical people with half knowledge, who know only how to talk, how to sugarcoat, how to speak good English, and bla bla bla. But they are never good at programming. So what these kind of people do at work? and what they want? The answer is Bloody Hell Politics. When task is assigned to these people, they start playing politics, they will get the tasks done from other and show it like they have done this. They will not hesitate to show work done by other people on their name.

Its not like a person who talks much, talks fluent can deliver good work. This is not how Software development works. Remember, a true software engineer only talks about the domain and technology and he will talk point to point.

If you want to hire a Software Engineer, ask him to write a code/algorithm. Again remembering syntax is not necessary. Give that guy a machine and tell him to write the code. That’s it. You will come to know whether he is real or fake. Unfortunately interviewers are interested only in definitions and difference. This again makes a big chance to non technical people to intrude in Software Development Profession.

It is not that software engineers cannot speak english, they are just very conscious of their diction and their pronunciation and they are not confident to speak in front of anyone else. If the curriculum was little bit diverse, if the engineering colleges in India focused on their all round development instead of functioning like a god-damn factory that is just mass producing robots by killing their dreams and handing out degrees, they would not be sitting out there in the pointless HR Interview, the likes of which exists only in our country.

To be precise, ENGINEERING IN INDIA IN THESE TIER-2 COLLEGE IS JUST THEORETICAL. And I don’t even feel ashamed to call myself among those engineers who have next to ZERO practical knowledge.
I am currently pursuing my engineering in Computer Science from a tier-2 college which ONLY FOCUSES ON MARKS. We have labs, and the lab technicians who have years of experience in industry, and are much more aware of the practicalities of engineering. Mind it, they are Diploma holders.
But most of the teachers (of course not the senior ones), are also not fully aware of the practical aspects of the lab circuits.

I am good in theory, but lacking practical knowledge. And I still lack.

The most shameful part was an incidence where I asked myself, “WHAT HAVE I ACTUALLY DID IN THESE 2 YEARS OF ENGINEERING?”

It's a humble request to all those wonderful people who're reading my article right now, to please follow their passion and talent. Some may say "Be practical, it's India", but this is the mentality that's deteriorating our society from beneath. We want a variety, not stereotypes.

I’d like to end this article by stating that these are my personal views and opinions and there’s every possibility that I may stand wrong. There’s no arcane motive to hurt anybody’s feelings and desires, and if anybody has got something concrete to question the righteousness of my answer, I’ll be more than happy to take that into consideration. You can always drop your views, suggestions or counter views in the comment section. Thanks!

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Amelia Vieira Rosado

@sagarbarapatre , thanks for shining a light on this topic. I personally know nothing of your culture, though the one thing I've heard all my life is that Indian devs are not the best devs one can ask for. I've not been able to confirm this myself, it's just what I have heard growing up.

The one concern I have though, is that perhaps you were generalizing too much? Or is the reality really THAT grim? 🤔 I'm genuinely curious.

adityagamedev profile image
Aditya Chaudhary👨‍💻

I can understand Sagar!

Cheer up dude! You atleast know the reality. The majority is in the dark shadow and they don't even realise