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Okay so problem solved, even if FB "integrates" or otherwise sounds the death knell for Giphy - we have alternatives that are "just as good" - gifer.com, tenor.com ... which makes me wonder: why does FB want to throw that much money at a gif site when there are half a dozen equivalent ones - I guess "because they can" and because Mark Z is on a mission to rule the world?


Well yeah I really incline with this comment, because he might use those data points about users feelings when they are using that particular gif. So may be, he might build something to match that data with the users profile and target an ad.


I'd assume that he's planning to harvest referrer-links to see where GIFs are being used so he can pursue buying into those things. Otherwise, it's not a site you can directly monetize without killing it (unless FB's goal is to do to Giphy what Yahoo did to Tumblr).

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