How do you get high-paying freelance clients/jobs ?

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The Problem :

Most new people in the programming world don't get job as they learn coding, so, they have to move towards freelancing.


As they move to freelancing, they end up on Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour etc or such websites which pay very little. The aim of this post is for the community and new people specially, so that the experienced devs can share their personal ideas and strategies regarding this.

Questions :

So, the questions are :

1. How to get high paying freelance clients?

2. What are high paying roles in software industry?

3. What are high paying technologies to learn in 2020?

Let me know in the comments, so, that newbies can get some help from your thoughts.

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Fullstack developers, security experts, data scientists, CTOs, etc earn more.

AI, ML, VR, gaming, headless CMS are some areas to focus on.

** To get a high-paying freelancing client **

standout in the crowd

  • One should be a true professional, with a good portfolio, delivering in time and get testimonials from clients to increase the social proof.

  • Freelance marketplaces are crowded, standout with portfolio, testimonials, solution-oriented and handcrafted cover letters.

  • Focus on a project at a time, so that you can deliver the good output and deploy it in time.

  • Build your personal brand through blogging, speaking in conferences, helping others, contributing to opensource projects, etc. This helps you to charge high since you have enough to show and convince a client.

These are in my observation, I am not a freelancing guru yet.


Well. I have landed quite good clients from LinkedIn and Dev.to .I think that a good portfolio has more to do with this. So, this way beginners can get good clients.


I didn't know that we can get client here. I thought dev.to just to post meme :)))


Getting clients depends on personal branding and Dev.to also helps in establishing yourself as a brand.


bro dev.to it just not for post memes. it's too much thn you're thinking, just move deep inside. you will get defiantly too much..!!
hope you will understand.


One thing to keep in mind: Clients won't pay more than you're charging. Far too many freelancers charge too low. I often do the same mistake! We're scared clients will get offended and move their business elsewhere.

The first step to getting paid more is asking for more. Increase your rates slightly with each new client, and see how far it goes. Maybe you already have high-paying clients, but you're not utilizing that.


Yeah same happened with me. As novice devs, we are scared that client will not hire me, if I asked for more.


i just started freelance between my graduation and masters. at begin i don't know anything but i learned lots of thing from quara and fiverr's forum. in beginning i just started with up-work but due to some TOC of Upwork they removed my account over there and i started to Fiverr.

Now i have good portflio andclient over Fiverr
And i developed 15 around website over there including eCommerce.
This is my Fiverr profile link
please give me suggestion about what you think about my profile.


What the hourly rate do you have right now on that platform?


Actually that depends on which service you're selling...btw i m working on fixed price policy. that good for client because they can estimate project cost, duration and all.


I am a full stack web developer, works as a freelancer and I thought I have got a good success here in a very little time. Some of the things I always do are:

1: Try to deliver what client wants. Like I am working with a company which works in telecommunications. They required fast queries and accurate results from billions of records. I do it as they want it to be done ;)

2: Try to update yourself about the technology and never hesitate to update new things. They will only make your work easy and fast. It is my experience though.

3: Try to learn a lot about your field and try to become a guru in your field. You will found good clients by providing awesome apps. Once you deliver a good app to a client, he/she always refer everyone to you, or maybe a good or HIGHLY PAYING client.

4: Most important, try to done your job on the time. You will always find a client angry whenever you deliver late, no matter how great you are in your field.


Here are my few cents:

1. How to get high paying freelance clients?
High paying clients usually don't hangout at typical freelance marketplaces like UpWork, Fiverr etc. LinkedIn is a good source to attract high paying clients. Networking and building your brand will generate results in long term.

2. What are high paying roles in software industry?
Software Architects, Integration Specialists and Product Manager roles are in high demand

3. What are high paying technologies to learn in 2020?
AI, IoT, ML, Big Data, Cloud Computing all have great scope in 2020 and beyond

I have written a series of answers on how to generate income through freelancing. Have a read ..



I just found out this dev.to this month. and I'm really having fun here, reading articles, posting articles about development. and hoping someday It could also help me get a freelance clients :)


About this topic, what do you think is important to take into consideration to form a price?

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