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Test in PHP

Hello guys,i do a mandatory internship at my university, and the professor put me to do test automation, but the programming language to be used is PHP. I had a course where I needed to learn how to use cypress, but I only did these tests in a javascript application, I would like to know if there is a way I can use cypress to run tests in php, including the database and the source code in itself. I've been researching and I saw that people use PHPUnit to do the tests in php, but I didn't find a lot of recent content (I don't know if I didn't know how to search) only old videos, so I don't know if I learn PHPUnit or look for another tool, or even continue with cypress. Also, if cypress works to run these tests, I would like to know if anyone recommends a course, video or documentation so that I can learn how to do my tests in php, use libraries to connect to the database, etc. etc..

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