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Not Only a Profession, but a Vocation - Tim’s Journey as a Developer💡

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Every career path is different. There are so many little decisions but also unforeseen events that have a major impact on your professional life. I sat down with Tim and he shared his personal journey with me.

Who are you and what are you doing at SinnerSchrader?

My name is Tim and I have been working for SinnerSchrader since October 2013. I started here as a dual student of business informatics in cooperation with the NORDAKADEMIE. Since May 2017, I have been working as an Intermediate Product Engineer after completing my Bachelor's degree. Afterwards, I completed my master's degree in IT security and forensics with support from SinnerSchrader.

Sounds like you have known for some time now which direction you want to take in your career. Was it really always your dream to become a developer?

Basically, I got in contact with programming even before my studies. Since my childhood I have been interested in computers, different operating systems and especially in gaming. In fact, through Minecraft and my Minecraft server, I got into programming when I was at school. I then taught myself Java to extend the functions of my server and create new content. Trying things out until they worked that has always been fun for me. Even during high school, I soon realized that programming is not only my profession, but my vocation. Therefore, I decided to study computer science, but to make the practical part as big as possible, a dual study program was ideal.

Surely your tasks are super diverse. Have you found a certain focus since you started?

I haven't had a specific focus so far. The cool thing about working at SinnerSchrader is that you work on changing clients and projects - even while you are still learning. I started with Ruby on Rails with a client in the telecommunication industry, but I also worked on pure frontend rebranding (mainly HTML5 and CSS3). For other customers, for instance in the automotive sector, I worked with React, Angular and other technologies. All in all, I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of things, especially different ones. I was also able to make a trip into controlling. From exclusively front-end to back-end, it is now a mix of both.
During my studies I also actively supported the further development and maintenance of internal projects. Especially these projects always offer the possibility to test new technologies or to experiment with them.

With these experiences, all doors should be open to you in terms of your career. What keeps you at SinnerSchrader?

In addition to the varied project work, there are many other opportunities to get involved. For example, I am the "station representative" for trainees and now supervise the new dual students and juniors myself in the context of mentoring. This is quite demanding, but above all it's fun to pass on my knowledge and support newbies. Furthermore, I learn a lot through the exchange. As an intermediate I can now independently contribute solutions, automation or architectures and there are numerous opportunities to get to know topics in greater depth. I am an important support for the project and contribute to the best results. I also like the fact that at SinnerSchrader, there is always the opportunity to get to know new projects and clients, if the employee wishes to do so. In addition, I can freely organize a certain part of my working time for my further education, e.g. participate in campus events, open source projects or learn a new language or framework.

Briefly summarized: What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of the way we work at SinnerSchrader?

Agile. Small teams and just going for it. But regular exchange during and between sprints is also important to get the best out of everyone. "We just go for it", one of the pulses at SinnerSchrader is really lived here. On the one hand, we simply get going and give it our best, but we also trust each other that the result is right in the end and that everyone is there 100%.

A lot can happen in seven years. What has or has not changed since you started your career?

Fortunately, one thing has not changed: Every opinion counts. We are really happy when someone brings in themselves and new ideas or solutions and is committed to getting 110% out of the project.
However, it can happen that your coffee consumption behaviour changes. Before my time at SinnerSchrader, I never drank coffee and now I drink several black coffees every day.

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Feli (she/her)

I really like the part about Tim's coffee consumption behaviour - didn't know that.