wddng - A wedding with tech support

Simon Hofmann on April 22, 2018

This post has initially been posted on my personal blog It might earn me the "Nerd of the month" prize, but I want to tell you how (and why) I bui... [Read Full]
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Hi Simon,
First of all congrats on your wedding! All the best for both of you! :)
Regarding the app: It's an amazing idea (especially because we are planning our wedding for next year :D )! I can't wait to read about the technical part!


This is a fantastic idea! (And potentially a rad business model?)


Thank you very much! I'm actually considering to try and turn it into a little side-business, I'm currently drafting a few requirements for this :)

Wanna sign up? :)


Congrats, Simon! Wishing you both the best! Cool idea here. As already mentioned - a great business idea too.

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