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Discussion on: Do you think a CS degree is a requirement for get a job?

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Karolis Ryselis

I am a lecturer and a PhD student at Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. I am not aware of what the education is like in other countries, but these are the points based on my experience. We have a bachelor study program Software Systems and Master degree program Software Systems Engineering. Those two help a lot if you are willing to learn yourself. There are guys who don't take it seriously, get their diploma, have low grades and learn few things if any. If taken seriously, it forces you to learn new things and you have access to people with experience in their fields which is always helpful. It is ideal if you study Software Systems and have a part time job, around 20 hours per week, you can then apply and, most importantly, share and discuss your newly acquired knowledge. There are different study programs, but others are better suited for different positions, e.g., analysts, hardware engineers, designers.