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Hey Stephen,

Thanks for your questions. First and foremost, my intention by posting here was to share resources for those who may need them and get some more pull requests - nothing more. I'm not an expert in diversity or anything to do with sociology; I'm an engineer. I can however give a bit of insight into my personal experiences with this topic.

The LGBTQ+ community is more than sexual orientation, and while treatment of the group as a whole (mostly in western countries) has improved, it's still not ideal. While it may not be visible to all, there are differences in how LGBTQ+ employees and team members are treated, just like there are differences to how women, people of colour, and other groups are treated. I've found it can sometimes be difficult to see these experiences without living through them first hand.

A lot of us just want the freedom to bring our authentic selves to work. While it may seem silly to create separate groups and resources for different groups of people in tech, we all experience tech differently based on our life experiences. In the same way I want to attend a python meetup to talk about python, sometimes I want to attend a LGBTQ+ in tech meetup to talk about our shared experiences and learn from others.

Of course, my experiences are so vastly different from others in the community. Someone's experience will vary based on company, location, industry, groups within the LGBTQ+ community, etc.

I don't think any of us are looking for specialized treatment in the workplace. We're just looking to feel more or less normal.

Thank you for the reply. I do appreciate your perspective, and for you this obviosuly is a pressing need in your experience, and I certainly hold no issue to that. The crux of my point here, was based on a slight curiosity as to why and perhaps, even more what constitutes a tech resource for a member of the LGBT+ community? Perhaps a LGBT+ tech meetup? Though, if this is so, I refer to my original point about roles and equality in Tech, would such a meetup exclude non LGBT+ people also?

Obviosuly, if in your experience or areas, there is sufficient problems and abuse at regular tech events and meetups, that should warrant a separate more safe environment in which to hold such an event, then I fully understand this need, and do stand somewhat clearer. Additionally if this is the case, I do hope there would be action to bring such disgraceful events to the public light, there is no room for prejudice anywhere, particularly in tech.

Again, I thank you for your civil and open reply.

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