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Discussion on: Is 0kb of JavaScript in your Future?

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Ryan Carniato Author

It's a matter of moving the boundaries. No one wants to write the interopt part. The API when there is no additional need for it.

The thinking of frontend on the backend is that you write a single app that communicates directly with your service/database layers. It isn't unlike how things were like before when we were mostly server rendering stuff. The difference is the front of backend looks more like the frontend than the backend. It's a bit like mobile development.

This is all abstraction/framework level consideration. It doesn't change or oust core backend technologies. It's more suggesting that viewing an application as only a bunch of rendered HTML pages is an antiquated model and we want a unified one. Now traditional backend technologies could(and have) take this approach too, it is just that JavaScript frameworks have been working in this ultra lean zone for years and still have advantage running in the browser. So the question is if they can bridge the gap in a way that hasn't been really successfully realized thus far.