What is a good talk that you have recently watched? (Technical or Non-Technical)

ryansmith profile image Ryan Smith ・1 min read

Share links to talks that you found useful or interesting.


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I got a lot out of Daniel Cohen's For argument's sake TED talk, which breaks down the purpose of an argument and explores how to emphasize the useful, productive qualities of such a discussion and eliminate toxicity. Useful stuff.


That sounds very interesting and useful, I'll definitely check this out!


I recently watched TED - This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari . This covers the needs of humans not only relating to food, water, and shelter but goes into human psychological needs that are often neglected. It is often looked at only as a chemical imbalance by doctors, but many other non-biological factors have been proven to cause depression and anxiety. It reinforces that you are not weak for experiencing depression or anxiety, you are just a human with unmet needs.

I think it is especially valuable for developers because many of the causes are things that creep into a developer's life such as disconnection from work, people, meaningful values, and nature.


And if you have mental health issues or have someone near you who does, definitely read his book "Lost Connexions".

He put words to what was hard to communicate.



While not necessarily a talk, the amount I've learned off the SyntaxFM podcast is insane. My web development abilities have improved so much since I started listening.


Agreed! Scott and Wes are awesome, they keep things fun and I always learn something new or get motivated to try something.

I also recently watched Wes' talk from the 2017 dotjs conference on async/await and it was great.


Ohhh I definitely need to give that a look then. Thanks for the link.


Kevin Hart on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Here.

I don't like "positive talk" and motivational speakers, but this one was different because that's not its purpose. It's just two comedians talking about life experiences and some good advice.