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[Week 1] Day 4-5 of working at the new place

At day 4-5, I have more confidence about my role.

Day 4

I started my day with the standing session again. (I won't mention this anymore unless there is something special)

Today I received my first task. It's about refactor code.
Yesterday frontend on-boarding session helped me learn the tools that my team use, which is help me a lot.
I've learned that better on-boarding session would help new employee understand the project more and help them start the work faster.

At the afternoon, I met Mr. Takaaki. C-level here. I wanted to give him a feedback about how he introduced the presentation but I didn't have enough confident to do that. I hope that I could talk with him again and I'll tell him about this.

I ended up with overtime work again. I know this is bad behavior that will lead to burnout syndrome. I will fix this kind of workaholic ASAP.

Day 5

Yesterday I learned that I didn't discover some requirement so today I asked my co-worker who transferred me that task. Then I discovered that I misunderstand the story at the first place.
This is the first thing I need to know that I should clearly know what requirement is? and where should I fix that requirement's problem.

I tried to reach out my co-worker to help me with my requirement in this day.
First time he said that he was at the another meeting. So I typed my problem and he replied me after that. Current problem was solved.
Then I got a change request from him, so I asked him again, but this time he said that 4 PM, so I waited. When it was time, I messaged to him, but no replied until 6 PM.
This is the second thing I need to know that I should make a use of the Google calendar to help me schedule the meeting to solve any problem when he/she can't talk at the moment.

I also learn some new thing like how should I do when I find any struggle with my work, or how should I adapt myself to get along with this company's culture.

I learn a lot of thing on this day.

PS: I learned that person who I know her before, struggle with the new company's culture and the work process a lot. It must be so difficult to her. I'm so happy to help.

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