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Surasak C.

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[Week 1] Day 1-3 of working at the new place

I wanted to make a log about fighting with fear for changing the new job.

I admit that on this day (Day 3),
I still have a fear and anxiety. Doubting myself that can I do this job?

I'll end this log if I have confident for myself and not depress anymore (and sorry for badly grammar correction)

Ps. I decided to write this log at the day 3 so I wrapped from day 1-3 here.

Day 1

I arrived at the office at 10 AM for onboarding session.
First thing to do is a self ATK COVID-19 testing.

I met a woman who started working on the same day as me too. She look professional and cool unlike me. (I also learned that she used to work abroad before, which made me felt that I'm not that great)

We started the first session with equipment setup. I never received MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM as an employee equipment before. A company that I used to work there only give me a Windows laptop with 8GB RAM, but they required me to run multiple backends that use 4GB+ of swap and 99% of RAM (and CPU usage).
I also learned about some security stuff, like 14 or more character for password, or change password every 3 months. That's new to me and against my everyday behavior, but I have to change myself because I have to pay a rent.

After that session I joined 3 hours sessions of new comer introduction. Very bored but I must go through them.

I also opened the ticket for my Github's organization access at the evening of that day.

Day 2

I learned about standing session at the everyday morning. And joined the team's onboarding session at the afternoon of that day.

The ticket about my Github access still got no reply yet. I felt worried because it was day 2 but I couldn't work yet.

Day 3

I couldn't wait anymore so I asked my co-worker to help me. Then everything worked very quickly and I got the access in hour after I asked for help.

After that I joined the workshop brainstorm session. Then I got a task to review the onboarding process, does the document ok? Do newcomers found any point that they can't follow the document? I had to review them.

Then I joined the project onboarding session (for me it was for frontend project). This session drained 80% of my energy and that made me fear a little bit about job difficulty.

But I have to face it.

See you next day.

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Steven Mcleod

Awesome watching with interest, lets hope it gets better :).