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re: I enjoy having the control of my code That's it for me too - I want to build everything up myself from complete scratch, but I still want to make...

Absolutely. I know people talk about using Frameworks/Libraries to speed up production, and perhaps it's just my inexperience, however, I'm almost "afraid" of using them 😂

My rule of thumb is to look at frameworks for the second go at a problem, after I've explored it myself. I can't choose a framework to solve a problem for me if I don't fully understand the shape of the problem I'm solving, but once I do, they really can save time if you pick the right one.

Lots of "if"s, though.

That's a good rule of thumb, I like it! Lol it is a lot of "if"s but I'm sure you, like me, would rather be self-sufficient and really learn along the way.

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