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Discussion on: 😔 I can't learn.

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Oguzhan Ozdemir

That really depends on how experienced you are. If you are someone who is experienced and burned out recently, its solution is quite different than the one I'd give for a junior who is just starting and/or someone who isn't a professional dev, one that hasn't received his/hers first paycheck as a developer.

Overall, if you don't have any reason to rush, don't rush it. If you are a junior for that matter, it would be hard to find a motivation that's as effective as money and/or teamwork that comes with it.

Find your motivation first and tell the truth. Most importantly, to yourself. Search what's missing first. Rather than focusing on the things you haven't done, focus on the reasons and small things you could do other than the next big thing you are planning.

That's all I can say I guess. Best of luck.

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Ephraim Atta-Duncan Author

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

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bimlas can help you have fun learning: The purpose of games can be achieved through programming. You can practice many languages and types of tasks in it. My favorite is Clash of Code, where you have to solve the task more skillfully than others + you can also see the solutions of others after the game (if they shared it).