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Discussion on: On building a Vue.js piano, Scriabin's synesthesia, synths/samplers in Tone.js, learning your scales and arpeggios and more!

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Robin Victorino

Very nice article, and very cool project! There already are some web-based pianos out there, but this one looks like it's going to actually be good!

I often find myself at work where I'm listening to music and have the urge to try to understand it by trying to reproduce it on a piano. Do you plan to add a way to map some keyboard (computer) input to some keys playing ?
If yes, do you want me to file an issue for this on github ?

Good work, again!

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sustained Author

I mean if there's a demand for it, eventually, I could probably extract the piano component into some standalone component... or even extract all the various music-related components into a library, you know?

Yeah, I'd like to add support for note input via:

  • MIDI keyboard (digital piano, or synth)
  • USB keyboard (the typey type)
  • UI keyboard (the UI component itself)

The more issues the better, in my opinion. Feel free!