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Discussion on: In-depth of tnpm rapid mode - how we managed to be 10 second faster than pnpm

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Ruy Adorno

To expand a little on the subject of collaboration: the npm cli team at GitHub hosts a weekly meeting that everyone is welcomed to join. It's one of the most effective ways to get ideas brought up to the core npm team and we had in multiple occasions in the past registry-side ideas that came from these meetings being bubbled up to the internal registry team.

For reference, here is the Youtube channel with past meetings: and the RFC repo in which meetings get announced and it's possible to propose new ideas that can be added to the agenda:

That said, I understand the idea of a package manager spec may sound tempting but I believe that each one of them focus on different problem spaces, ecosystems and user bases. At the end of the day that is great for the larger JavaScript community that benefits from all these different innovations and I'm not sure to what extent adding conformance tests and specs will benefit end users.

This was a fun article to read, thanks TZ for documenting and publishing this!