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Discussion on: she's not a developer yet but nevertheless, natalie coded

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Ruth Evans

I started coding on neopets as well! My shop was cute AF ✨I also helped my friends make cool myspace profiles a few years later.

It's funny that you've been coding on and off since 2004 yet say you're not a developer, but I guess that's impostor syndrome for you! I look forward to your next post

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natalie stroud Author

My mom never let me have a MySpace account but I solely wanted to have one just to make layouts (LOL). Not for the 'Top 8' but I loved how everyone got into coding and the majority of people it seems like don't even know it. Or maybe they do but it's like, remember that time everyone single handedly knew HTML thanks to MySpace?

And that is impostor syndrome for you! ha! I guess it's because I dove a bit into design for awhile but had this lack of creativity. And anytime I came back to coding it was always right back to HTML. I knew CSS existed but I knew nothing about it. I could never wrap my head around it. And at that time anything past that was just way over my head.

Thank you for the love <3