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Discussion on: 8 Jenkins plugins I can't live without

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Ruth Evans

My absolute favourite plugin is green balls!. It just changes the icon for succeeding jobs from blue to green balls. Why are they blue anyway?!

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John Griffiths

Came here to say this.

I once read somewhere that they were blue instead of green by default as that is how Japanese traffic lights are. Not sure how true this is though.

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Adrian Kuper

It's the most likely explanation since Jenkins was created by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, a japenese developer. The japanese influence can also be seen in the Jenkins logo which displays the butler, Mr. Jenkins, on top of the japanese flag.

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José Coelho Author • Edited on

Nice! Also check out the Modern Status plugin. Looks super cool.

I've read that blue is easier to differentiate from red for people that are color blind. :)

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