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Ruthvik Raja M.V
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Top Websites and Books for Developers

Hello folks,
The following Websites and Books are very useful for the developers who are willing to apply for the roles of Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Data Scientist.

1) Udemy
The courses offered by Udemy are affordable and effective. So, before getting started learn Python and R(Optional) from Udemy.
For learning R, SQL, Statistics and Data Science course I recommend to opt for the following courses:-
-> R Programming A-Z: R for Data Science.
-> SQL(Learning SQL is very important for a Data Analyst) MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.
-> Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis.
-> Complete 2020 DataScience and Machine Learning Bootcamp.

2) DataCamp
The courses offered by DataCamp are very effective for Data Scientists and they are developed especially for Data Scientists.

3) Coursera
The courses offered by Coursera are very useful and the following courses are very useful:-
-> Machine Learning and Deep Learning by Andrew Ng(American Computer Scientist).

4) LinkedIn Learning
The courses offered by LinkedIn are useful and they are designed in a very compact format:-
-> Tableau Essential Training(Data visualisation tool) is one of the good course offered by LinkedIn.

The following book, Python for Data Analysis by OREILLY is an extraordinary book for beginners:-

Alt Text

If you are interested in doing Data Analysis using R language then study the following books:-

Alt Text

Alt Text

Download the Books,
-> R for Data Science by OREILLY
-> Practical Data Science with R
-> Python DataScience Handbook by OREILLY
-> Tableau Visualisation
-> Data Analysis using Excel
-> Data Mining
-> DataScience Cheatsheet
-> DataScience Interview Questions from the following link:-

Also, Complete MySQL for Data Analysts is available from the following link:-

Thank you,
Bye for now...

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