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The big comeback of Dungeons and Dragons

ruler_sai profile image Rajashaker RULAR ・1 min read

Born in the 70s, the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is currently experiencing its comeback in popular culture. The company behind the game, Wizard of the Coast, has more than tripled its sales worldwide since 2015, and Quebec is no exception Vicious Mockery.

Comedian Normand D'Amour notes this phenomenon as co-owner of Le Randolph bar, an establishment where you can play board games with friends. "It really exploded," he says. At Randolph, we sell Dungeons and Dragons products and we really notice the attraction people have for this game. Whether it's rule books, stories, or accessories, it attracts the world. ”

Dungeons and Dragons is a game in which players embody fantastic characters who evolve in a story told by a "master of the game". A game can stretch over several sessions, each lasting several hours.


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