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AI code completion

If you're a designer or coder, AI code completion tools will assist you type in codes speedier since there will be less keystrokes. Apart from this, these applications will moreover help you to code more precisely by reducing common errors like typos with the assistance of Manufactured Insights.
There are plenty of AI code completion tools out there, some of them are Github Copilot, Kite, Tabnine,etc.

Github co-pilot

If you are looking for an open-source code completion tool, choosing GitHub Copilot will be the right decision. This self-claimed AI pair programmer offers you suggestions for complete lines or whole functions inside your code editor.

It puts the knowledge of billions of open-source coding lines at your fingertips so you can stay focused and need to invest less time.

However, you will always be in charge of your code as it lets you choose from the alternative suggestions and edit the recommended code manually. Moreover, this tool adapts to your edits, fitting your coding style.

The code completion solution is compatible with a huge collection of languages and frameworks. The supported languages include Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go.

Use it as an extension for your favorite code editors like Visual Studio Code, Neovim, and JetBrains. This extension is available on a desktop, or you can also use it in cloud solutions, like GitHub Codespaces.


Kite is another AI-powered code completion solution that lets you code faster by suggesting context-aware code. When using this tool with your code editor, you need to use 47% fewer keystrokes. It uses models that have gone through more than 25 million files and, as a result, can offer you multi-line suggestions.

Apart from the above features, Kite helps you quickly find files related to the current coding file from your codebase. You can also use it to view Python docs by mouse-hover and find how-tos and examples.

Developers can set up this desktop app with multiple code editors, including PyCharm, Sublime, Atom, RubyMine, Android Studio, AppCode, VS Code, and Jupyter Lab.

Kite is compatible with 12+ languages that include Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin, and Ruby. If you opt for its freemium account, you will also get support for Python.


Next-Level Productivity for Professional Developers & Teams
Tabnine is the AI code completion assistant trusted by millions of developers to amplify coding accuracy and boost productivity. Whether you are a new dev or a seasoned pro, working solo or part of a team, your Tabnine AI assistant will suggest team-tailored code completions in all the most popular coding languages and all your favorite IDEs. The cool thing about this all-language code completion assistant is it constantly learns the codes, patterns, and preferences of your team and, as a result, offers business-level solutions.
Tabnine’s AI algorithm combines the precision of personalization with the power of machine learning based on a billion+ lines of trusted open-source code.
Among other things,Tabnine's code completion AI can run locally on your machine. Your team’s code and AI training data are NEVER shared, helping to ensure your code stays compliant. Thus it respects your privacy

Free plan. Includes:

  • 1 user
  • Completions based on Public Code

While pro plan includes

  • Trained exclusively on your team’s code
  • Private Team AI model
  • Advanced code completion
  • Connect up to 25 repositories
  • GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket Integrations
  • Priority Support

with $12/user

You can get started with free plans and later move to the pro plans. With everything they are offering, that's the best deal you will get.
Out of all the options, for me Tabnine is the perfect code companion and never fails to amaze me. The code completions are on to the point and its worth every penny spent

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