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Aficionado of words, espresso, and house music. Passionate about education, diversity in tech, & tech for good. Digital Communications for TomTom Developers.

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Developer Relations + Digital Communications at TomTom

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Generate your own wrapped 2021

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

6 Tips That Will Fix Your Interview Anxiety

These are great tips and fully agree! Once you shift the ment...

8 reasons why having a blog is as important as having a GitHub

Agree with all of these! We have similar passions - appreciat...

My FrontEnd Interview Experience At Razorpay

Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm sure it will help ...

Ten Tips for How YOU Can Make Your Workplace Friendlier for Women

This is a great piece, thanks for this!

Happy International Women's Day to the Women Building Online Community 💖

I love this! And fully agree! :)

Nevertheless, Aneeqa Coded in 2021!

Love your work setup! Writing: 52 Weeks!

Lol, this is so true. I love it. Congrats on this milestone!

Border with gradient and radius

So pretty!

I finally graduated and now I have time to write again!

Congrats on graduating and achieving some of your goals! One ...

CSS Newbie Tips?

That's a great point and totally makes sense. Thanks so much!

CSS Newbie Tips?

Thanks so much! Will definitely keep those topics in mind :)

A letter to my future self 💌

Love this, great idea! Thanks for sharing!

My Top 5 Books of 2020

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars looks really interesting! I'll hav...

Why I Quit my Full-Time Job to Learn Code.

Thanks for sharing your story! I loved reading about it. I to...

My 2020 in books

Wow, 75 books! I only read 15 last year, but my goal is to re...

Day 282 : This is America

Perfect song for what's going on... other than that I'm strug...

Protect your SEO when crossposting

Thanks for the tip!

My First Junior Dev Job

Loved hearing about your year! My fiancé also works in health...

Time to eat my feelings!

Rejection is really a redirection. I know how hard it is to n...

Every End Is a New Beginning

“Reward requires embracing risk and uncertainty.” Yes! I just...

Coping with imposter syndrome

Great post! Loved the parts about exercising and mentoring/te...

What makes great developer merchandise for women developers? Part 1: The message

Creative post! Love the good examples :) Thanks for writing!

Adding sign language interpretation to your online event

Thank you so much for this post! Having either an interpreter...

Career Change Tips: Practice Gratitude 🙏

That’s a great addition! Thanks for sharing!

Career Change Tips: Practice Gratitude 🙏

Thanks so much!

10 Women in Tech to Follow on DEV!

They're super helpful and a great idea! Thanks! @graciegregor...

10 Women in Tech to Follow on DEV!

That's great to hear! Thanks for reading!

10 Things To Motivate You Out Of Bed.

Love these, especially working out without thinking 😆 as I fi...

What was your win this week?

Wow, congratulations! Great job!

What was your win this week?

Having a great video chat with someone I met at LTX Fest (Lat...

As the world waits... here's a book review!

I will definitely check those out, thanks for the recs!

Take That, Procrastination!

I can totally relate! I've been doing a 60 days of movement c...

Hello, I'm Senja

I loved your diversity & inclusion part too, as these top...

40 and Fresh

Thanks for sharing your story, and good luck on your journey!...

5 Effective Ways to Reduce Screen Time

Love this! Great tips.

5 things I've put on my resume to stand out and get a badass job

Great tips! I definitely agree with sharing your blog posts –...

What songs help get you "unstuck"?

"For stuck in life eventually I always end up reaching the bo...

7 Pieces of Information to Include in Technical Blog Posts

These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

Because....impostor syndrome!

Love this post! As a writer, I can definitely relate to #1! T...

How to Start Freelance Technical Blogging

Great article! Thanks for the tips.

Working Remote is great but it is not always rainbows and butterflies

Lol. I do the same with my fiancé 😆

How long did you have to wait?

I agree with the internship idea – it ended up working out we...

Internship/ Building small projects

Love your videos!

Listen up: it's not rejection

Great read! Love the puzzle piece analogy and the part about ...

Working Remote is great but it is not always rainbows and butterflies

Agree with all of these points! There are lots of positives l...

Career Change Tips: ...Except to a Job You Don't Want

Thanks so much for reading and for the kind words! It was a g...

It's Never Too Late To Learn: 3 things my 11yo taught me about coding

FYI - I decided to go deeper with my original article and mak...

Today's the Day!

Awesome! I like it, I think I just chose it because I saw it ...

3 Mapping Projects to Add to Your Portfolio

Thanks for the inspo! 😊

Your Gal is Back in Business!

Welcome back! How was traveling during this time? I'm aching ...

How I became a senior javascript developer with personal projects

Thanks for sharing your story! And congrats on your first Eng...

We Can’t Talk About Privacy Without Developers

Thanks for reading!

It's Never Too Late To Learn: 3 things my 11yo taught me about coding

Awesome, much appreciated! I fully agree 😊

5 Tips on Making a Career Change and Sustaining Yourself on the Job Search Journey

Thanks SO much for reading and sharing, and inspiring me to p...

Book recommendations?

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield Mindset by Carol Dweck Th...

It's Never Too Late To Learn: 3 things my 11yo taught me about coding

Thanks so much! That means a lot! I wrote a post about some ...

Transitioning to a DEV

Welcome! Internships are an amazing place to start, congratul...

Today's the Day!

Welcome to the community! I'm just starting out as well - jus...

10 Questions I'm Asking All Companies Before Scheduling Any Interviews

Great post! Interviews are just as much about asking them que...

It's Never Too Late To Learn: 3 things my 11yo taught me about coding

Absolutely love this! I can definitely relate to the "it's ne...

How to Manage Your Fear of Writing and Publishing New Content

Great article! I can definitely relate to many of your ideas ...

What are your top 3 focus songs?

I am all about playlists too! I still listen to ones I made 1...

Why do I code?

Thanks for sharing your story! Hang in there, and keep writin...

Why do I love WebDev <3 ?

Creative and informative! Thanks!

Freedom of Security with Paula de la Hoz

Loved your talk &amp; panel! Also, me encanta España y no pue...

13 ways to level up your site's accessibility ✨

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

10 Projects and Skills That Will Make You a Better Developer

You're welcome! :)

10 Projects and Skills That Will Make You a Better Developer

You're welcome! Thanks for reading!

3 Ways To Support Women In Tech

Love this! I am also passionate abut diversifying the tech in...

How do you keep up with writing?

Same! I love writing, but often struggle with motivation or j...

Lessons From My One-Month Writing Milestone

I loved reading about your one-month writing routine! I alway...

What are some ways to stand out to employers on your LinkedIn?

I think publishing a few articles on LinkedIn is a great way ...

How I Became a Professional Developer and Built My Dream Career with No Formal Education and No Professional Experience

Love your story, especially the part about a better career pa...

Accessibility for the web - what is it and why do we need it

Love this topic – looking forward to your next post!

How are you dealing with quarantine?

I definitely miss being out and about and the in-person inter...

Welcome Thread - v80

Hey! I totally connect with lurking around but feeling barrie...

Welcome Thread - v80

Hi everyone! My name is Ruanna, and I work in developer relat...

Content Strategy for DevRel Teams: A Primer

Love these tips, thanks for sharing!

Teaching Secondary School Girls To Code - My Experience

Love this so much – keep up the great work!

More content ideas: event series, Q&A and short videos

Love these ideas – thanks for sharing!

How to add code highlighting to your posts.

Thanks for the tip! :)