Thanks for having me

ruairimactiern1 profile image Ruairi MacTiernan ・1 min read

Hi all.

So with 10 years as a Test engineer under my belt, I look at the sector and how much it's changing, and I don't really like what I see. So with that, I have started to try to move in the direction of changing career paths towards development.
I am currently working through a number of Udemy courses, I do have JS experience but putting that to use in development is a little different to scripting for Automation. I'm getting there though.
If anyone would like to see my progress so far I am always open to some constructive criticism on my work. the link to my site should be in my bio.
So I hope to settle in here, learn a few things and try to help others where I can along the way.
Thanks for having me.


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