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Introducing Mantine – new React components and hooks library

rtivital profile image Vitaly Rtishchev ・2 min read

I am proud to announce that today I've published first stable version of Mantine.

Mantine is a MIT licensed open source React components and hooks library with native dark theme and focus on accessibility, usability and developer experience.


View all examples here

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Key features

  • Customization – colors, fonts, shadows and many other parts are customizable to fit your design needs
  • Dark theme – mantine supports dark theme by default in all components
  • Accessibility and usability – all components follow accessibility best practices and feature full keyboard support
  • TypeScript – all @mantine/ scoped packages are built with TypeScript and support it by default
  • Ready for production – mantine is well tested and works in all modern browsers
  • Developer experience – mantine comes with more than 50 components and 15 hooks to cover you in most cases
  • No annoying focus ring – with new :focus-visible pseudo-class focus ring appears only when user navigates with keyboard
  • React JSS – take advantage of all react-jss features: automatic critical css extraction during ssr, lazy evaluation, dynamic theming and others
  • React and Preact – mantine works flawlessly with preact
  • Fast – mantine does not have large dependencies (all packages weight less than 50kB together when gzipped)


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think, I'm always open to feedback and critique.

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Moinul Moin

Soon I will give a try

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