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Discussion on: I am the author of Elm in Action. Ask Me Anything!

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Richard Feldman Ask Me Anything

What are the next big things in store for Elm that you're excited about?

Asset management - what Evan's working on right now - as well as the next release of elm-test, and the improvements to the debugger Yosuke Torii has been working on.

There are also lots of smaller things I'm excited about, like union types becoming comparable, which is vaguely in the pipeline somewhere, and broader coverage of the Web platform. So much awesome in the works! 😸

What's it like writing Elm in Action?

Time-consuming! It's swallowed just shy of my entire social life.

It's also one of the most rewarding projects I've ever worked on, so no regrets in committing to it. :)

What is the best way to start contributing to Elm (ex. Good starting places?)

Evan curates a list of projects at - but I'd also like to put in a shameless plug for elm-css - the CSS spec is huge, and there are lots of ways to improve our coverage of it!

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Taylor Dolezal

Thank you for the answers Richard! Looking forward to working more on Elm this year :)

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Kevin Pruett

Asset management - what Evan's working on right now

Does this involve a focus on code splitting and/or techniques for lazy loading?

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If you want to read about this, please check out the elm-dev mailing list. It's a google away :)

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Kevin Pruett

Awesome! Didn't know this was publicly discussed 👍