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Discussion on: I spent 30 years coding full-time, then I switched to full-time management and leadership. Ask me anything.

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Roland "Akio" Salunga

What is your advice for people getting assigned leadership roles(i.e Technical Team Lead) without prior leadership experience?

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Lorenzo Pasqualis Ask Me Anything

If you are asked to step up is because you probably display traits of a good leader naturally. That is great.
My advice is to embrace the leadership role and truly understand what it means before it is announced and made official. You want to make sure to truly grasp what leadership is, and how that changes your job. I recommend reading everything you can put your hands on about leadership. Take it as you would take a new technology. Become a student of leadership. Be humble, study, find a good mentor, and take the journey as a change in career path, not just "something more you are asked to do." It is a very important path.