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Library Management System Project in C++ (Simple Code Project)

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Library Management System

A C++ library management system project with simple and easy code. Basically, we are going to program different features to add, delete, or update books. There are many more features we are going to use in the library management system project. Let's have a brief look at the features of this LMS project.

Library Management System

Features of Library Management System Project

Students Details- We will be able to add or update the student details such as name, roll number, etc. These details will be stored in different variables.

Add/Remove/Update Books- This library management system project will be programmed to add, remove, or update books easily that will make it more efficient.

Complete Books Details- This C++ program will include all the complete details of books present in the store.

Authentication- You can easily login to the LMS service with different roles. If you are an admin then you will get the admin id and password from which you can easily access the admin services and the same for all the users.

Database- All the information added or removed will be updated in the database. If you are an admin then you can access and edit the database

Beginner developers can create a simple project with above information of read more Project Explanation

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