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Form Builder in Flutter - Form Validation

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We all know now a days every mobile application contains a Registration/Login pages. These pages will have form fields like name, email, mobile number, gender...

How we can validate these form fields in Flutter Mobile Application.

In this post we will cover these Form filed validations topic.

Alt Text

In this Example we used flutter_form_builder plugin.

This plugin has more properties to handle different Form Fields

List of Form widgets

FormBuilderTextField  Text input, it accepts input of single-line text, multi-line text, password, email, urls etc by using different configurations and validators
FormBuilderCheckbox  Single Checkbox field

FormBuilderCheckboxList  List of Checkboxes for multiple selection

FormBuilderChipsInput  Takes a list of Chips as input

FormBuilderDateTimePicker  For Date, Time and DateTime input

FormBuilderDropdown  Used to select one value from a list as a Dropdown

FormBuilderRadio  Used to select one value from a list of Radio Widgets

FormBuilderRangeSlider  Used to select a range from a range of values

FormBuilderRate  For selection of a numerical value as a rating

FormBuilderSegmentedControl  For selection of a value from the CupertinoSegmentedControl as an input

FormBuilderSignaturePad  Presents a drawing pad on which user can doodle

FormBuilderSlider  For selection of a numerical value on a slider

FormBuilderStepper Selection of a number by tapping on a plus or minus symbol

FormBuilderSwitch On/Off switch

FormBuilderTypeAhead  Auto-completes user input from a list of items
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