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Flutter Listview - 10 Listview Examples

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Flutter Listview Examples . Listview is one of the most usable widget types that can be used anywhere. In order to reduce the overload of having various layouts performing the same task(In Android, there are a lot of layouts that perform the same task of arranging the elements inside it either vertically or horizontally), the ListView widget has been introduced.

The ListView in Flutter does just what is required, it arranges the elements inside it(Again widgets) in the order specific to the developer’s need. We will be making use of the ListView in this tutorial and see the different properties that are helpful in creating a good looking UI Layout for the Application

*Expandable Listview | Expansion/Collapse view | ExpansionTile *
Expansion/Collapse view in flutter. How to create Expandable Listview with ExpansionTile widget and ExpansionPanelList & ExpansionPanel. Let's create simple expandable Lsitview inside flutter application

MultiSelection Listview in Flutter with CheckboxListTile

Create Multi selection Listivew - Expandable Listview

How to show Listview inside Dialog in Flutter

This Example cover How to Display Listview Inside Dialog Box. We will use showDialog() widget to show Dialog and add Listview to content property. We have used Listview constructor to load the List items

Nested Listview (Listview inside Listview) in Flutter

This Example show Listivew inside Listview. Horizontal and vertical Listview

Dynamic ExpansionTile | Create Expansion List with Dynamic Data
Flutter provided ExpansionTile widget to make expand collapse views on the fly. By using this ExpanstionTile widget we can make dynamic expandable Listview in Flutter

Flutter Horizontal Listview with a Snap Effect

Create a Horizontal Listview with Sanp Effect. How to add Snap Effect for the List itemsin the flutter. Scroll list in horizontal

Alt Text

Flutter Stacked Item ListView | Scroll Animation

In this post we are going to cover create a stacked Listview Items with Aniimations
This will give the good animation on scrolling the list items from top to bottom and viceversa

For making this animations we have used


AnimatedContainer and

Transform widget

Alt Text

Flutter - ListView - Search Filter - NewsApplication

News API in Flutter, Searhc News from List

Appbar Search | Implementing Search action with AppBar in flutter

Appbar Search in flutter. Add search bar in flutter and Search List Items with Search query

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