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re: Two reasons I can think of. First, as I mentioned in the post, the DynamoDB folks report that some large enterprises have been happy using geohas...

Thanks for your advanced answer.

I know about Elasticsearch. I have written an own blog about that: dev.to/rpostulart/the-guide-to-imp...

I know about the Dynamodb GEO package, but I see not many users are using it and the package hasn't been updated for a long time. I don't want to end up in a situation where I have build an App which will be used by many users with a not supported package.

And Elasticsearch provisioned by Amplify is an expensive solution when you are a startup and not doing much GEO queries yet, so I am looking to alternatives.

In the past I have worked with MongoDB and this worked great.

Nice post about Elasticsearch! Re: your concern, maybe try pinging James Beswick (@jbesw ) or Alex DeBrie (@alexbdebrie) on Twitter to ask for a rec for a supported option for GEO queries on DynamoDB? They both have responded to questions from me before. But I get it, a client might be pretty nervous about using an old/clanky library.

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