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Discussion on: Install homebrew on MacOS Mojave

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Any advice for those of us upgrading to Mojave instead? Migration techniques?

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darkside haguremetal Author

I've tried on Mojave preinstalled PC, so I'm not so sure how homebrew is by upgrading to Mojave.
But it seems homebrew doesn't work sometimes if you upgrade MacOS to Mojave.

How about trying

brew doctor

, or installing command-line-tool again by

xcode-select --install


xcode-select --reset


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Hi. I should have been more clear. What I was asking was whether there are steps that brew users should take before and after upgrading to Mojave.
I used to use MacPorts and for that it was important to remove the entire Ports installation (saving information about your installed ports), upgrade the OS, and reinstall Ports.
I understand from others that this is not necessary for brew. Do you know?
It seems like dumping a brew bundle is a good precaution, because I think it could be used to rebuild the brew configuration if necessary.