Lessons Learned by Mentoring

Ryan Palo on September 19, 2018

Originally published on Simple Programmer. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been mentoring programmers on Exercism.io on the Python language tra... [Read Full]
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I'm just a newbie, but everytime someone more experienced has spent a little (or a lot) time explaining me things or giving me advice, it just has been so helpful, that I hope I can give something back to the community.


Thanks for this! I think this will be helpful with me and my brother; he's just learning how to code, and often asks me for guidance and advice. Hopefully I can apply some of this to avoid dimming his desire to learn. Thanks!


Definitely! If your heart is in the right place and you want him to succeed and love coding, you’ll do great!


That's true! I know the people heading up the mentors have mentioned that really the only time mentors get bad feedback is if they accept the solution without comment.

Another thing that I've found handy is to become a student in other tracks (and even the ones I'm mentoring!). It's really, really helpful to see how other mentors do it. It gives you a feel for how much to say, how much to nitpick, how cryptic of hints to give, etc. :)


I just started and learned a lot from 1 solution, I highly recommend it.


I love seeing developers teach each other. A rising tide raises all boats, so they say. Thanks for the nudge to do more mentoring, and thanks for your work to encourage those who are eager to learn 😊

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