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You've probably heard of Spectacle for Mac, but, for anybody who hasn't, that's what I use for my window/space splitting. I like it because I can split and tweak the sizes quickly. It's not a full tiling manager, but it does what I need :)


Spectacle is a lifesaver, I am crippled without it.


My favorite too. The first thing I do when installing macOS is install Spectacle.


More love for Spectacle. After moving from Windows 10 a month ago I was missing its simple but effective window snapping functionality. Spectacle does the job. It's only missing mouse triggers, but there are so many keyboard shortcuts to make up for it.


Yep. I use this as well. For me, MacOS is unusable without it.


Spectacle looks like a simple alternative - easy to install and a GUI to change settings.

If only it prevented windows overlapping and handled macOS spaces.

Update: if you haven't seen it chunkwm and skhd is a really solid combination to achieve a very customisable setup (non-overlapping and handling of macOS desktops). It took me a couple of hours to set up something similar to xmonad and I'll probably write a post about that soon.

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