Discussion on: I Asked DEV for Resume Advice and Here are 14 Things I Learned

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Ryan Palo Author

Yeah, I get what you are saying and it’s definitely note in line with my personality to undersell. That way, people will be happily surprised when I do a good job 😁 but there’s a certain amount of privilege associated with that decision too. If you’ve got 10 years of software development under your belt and your name is semi-well-known in some circles, you can afford to be humble. If you’re just coming into the industry and all anybody knows about you is on your resume, you cannot afford to be humble and have people dismiss you. I’d prefer to get into a phone conversation or interview and explain my rating system rather than having my resume thrown in the trash because they don’t want to take a chance on a mechanical engineer who considers themselves just “OK”

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Sandor Dargo

Indeed, some others say that you should position yourself as an expert even if you are not one yet. The only problem happens when as an only-positioned expert we meet a real one. But I guess, that's not so frequent.