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HTML not a programming Langauge!!?

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As a beginner Just started to learn HTML and CSS, proud of your self that you start your first steps in Programming's long way, I think you almost heard that "HTML is not a programming Langauge"!!
Ok, I agree with that if we consider that programming languages are only who have functionality in them because you can't do any functions with HTML.
But especially when we are talking about websites, Apps, and so, on, you will find that the "HTML" is the code that give life for other programming languages. Without it, you can't build the content and use your functions in your interface.
So enjoy studying HTML and CSS, and have fun using them :), they are valuable.


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The shorts answer is it doesnt matter in the slightest.
You need to define what a programming language is and people always choose the definition that suits their own beliefs.

If You don't want to consider it a programming language, then you'll choose a definition that requires, say, turing completeness, and exclude, say, Agda.
If You want to consider it a programming language, then you'll say it's a declarative one used to tell the runtime which nodes to build, then anything used to tell the computer what You want is a programming language.

So just don't worry about it, it's not important.