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Discussion on: APIs for dummies. Let's discuss!

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Ross Bates

Hi Ana - here is a panel from GitHub Universe 2015 that could be a good starting point:

It's a long video and I wouldn't necessarily be looking to it as inspiration for how to structure your talk. What it does contain that will be useful are very specific examples of how companies like Ford, GE, John Deere, and Target are using sensors, mobile, data, and API's to transform their businesses.

I could see taking these examples and building a presentation that tells a before and after story about how these industries have been transformed. You could also get into more detail around the nuts and bolts of APIs without getting too technical. Perhaps provide examples showing how sensors talking to gateways/interfaces, how that data ends up operational and analytic data stores. All of this ties back to your original premise that software/IT is changing everything.

Feel free to post your slides/outline before your talk if you'd like feedback on them.

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Ana Chiritescu Author

Thanks a million, Ross! Will do!