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Discussion on: Do you ever get frustrated with your Junior Developer(s)?

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Ross Bates

Don't be worried about asking questions, even if you are asking a ton of them. The biggest red flag to me is when developers don't ask questions.

I've been in your shoes before, and the biggest mistake I made was not being restrained in the way that I asked questions. Anytime a question popped into my head I would immediately seek out someone to ask. It was impulsive behavior caused by 2 things.

One, the desire to learn. Just being young and super excited to soak it all in. Two, using questions as a way to show my mentors how excited I was.

Here's what I would recommend you do. Collect all the questions you have over the course of the day. Then, approach your manager/mentor at the right time and say "hey, I've got a list of questions I'd love to discuss when you have some time we could block out."

Using this approach you'll give yourself time to organize your thoughts. Also, some of your questions might become irrelevant or answer themselves. The biggest payoff is you'll look more professional to the team by demonstrating respect for others time/focus, while still getting to ask all the questions you want.

You can follow this up by saying something to the effect of "hey, this was really helpful and I appreciate you taking the time. Would it be possible to setup something on a reoccurring basis?"

Good luck!