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The one thing I have found that is a hinderance on some recruiters behalf is not knowing when enough is enough. I have had recruiters help me find jobs to interview for and some of those have turned into an offer. But if I decline an offer, then I declined. Don't harass me with phone calls and emails for weeks to reconsider. One phone call to discuss the opportunity and why I declined is enough, and then it is time to move on to find the next opportunity that better fits what I am looking for or the next candidate that is better fit for the job.

With that, I do enjoy recruiters who are dedicated to the job, the ones who are interested to learn as much about you as they can, they take the time to get to know you. Those ones are the ones who truly want to help you find the next best opportunity in the area you are looking for. One recruiters I had recently spent spare time in our conversation giving career advice and truly trying to get to know me. It is great to know that some of them are just trying to help you find what works best.

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