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How to host for free your NodeJS app

Hosting NodeJS applications is easy, finding a completely free NodeJS hosting service that is reliable is not. In this post, I will show you how you can host your NodeJS app on Qovery - A 100% free hosting platform (no credit card required!!) used by 1500+ developers in 94 countries 🌎.

Note: With Qovery you can deploy your NodeJS app with a PostgreSQL database for free.

Disclaimer: I am the co-founder of Qovery.

We provide Qovery for free because it's our way to give back to the community. Our business model allows us to charge $0 for each instance that you run with no limitations :) So enjoy and share your experience with us 😌

You can read more about Qovery vs. Heroku.

Deploy your NodeJS app

Given you have registered on to Qovery and you are logged into Qovery, follow the steps below:

  • Fork the repository to your GitHub account
  • Go to Qovery, click the button “Create a new project” button in the middle of Qovery
  • Give a name to your project - in my case "Quotes"
  • Add an application
  • After that, click “I have an application”.
  • Then select "Github" and pick your repository "nodejs-postgresql".

Github select repo

  • Select NodeJS

Select NodeJS

  • Give a name to your app

Give a name to your app

  • Select PostgreSQL

Qovery services

  • Select the version of your DB and give it a friendly name


Deploy and TADA

show envs


Hosting a project with NodeJS should not be a hassle. Qovery got your back and provide everything that you need like free SSL, database, CDN to deploy your NodeJS apps.

Give it a try now and leave me your feedback in the comments👇.

Important Note
If your deployment failed, don't forget to declare your NodeJS app port port: 3000 in your .qovery.yml. Read this doc

Discussion (18)

difagume profile image

hello, maybe some example to deploy a nodejs typescript application?

rophilogene profile image
Romaric P. Author

Hi Diego, it's exactly the same as deploying a Javascript app. Nothing change. Do you need help?

difagume profile image

Thanks Romaric, I'm going to the discord channel to ask.

angelxmoreno profile image
Angel S. Moreno • Edited on

For starters, where does one indicate my build process? does Qovery run my build script?

Thread Thread
rophilogene profile image
Romaric P. Author

Hi Angel, what do you mean?

Thread Thread
angelxmoreno profile image
Angel S. Moreno

I've been up to date with the docs since i last posted this. All good. All the building happens at the Dockerfile level.

randall72096766 profile image

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cristhos profile image

Thank you for ;
I just deployed an app that matches what I'm looking for.
everything is fine; a little slow but everything is fine.
Can you facilitate the configuration of the domain name. Its very important!

rophilogene profile image
Romaric P. Author

It's in the plan 👌 thank you for your feedback - you can take a look at what we prepare on 🔥

abhijoshi2k profile image

Hi, I get this error when I try to deploy my nodejs application
Http failure response for 0 Unknown Error

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited on

Can I log in (SSH tunnel, perhaps) into Postgres instance, and install plugins?

rophilogene profile image
Romaric P. Author

not yet but soon

ricardogouveia3 profile image
Ricardo Gouveia

All my deployments fail. I don't get much of why on the logs... where can I get help?

rophilogene profile image
Romaric P. Author

Hi Ricardo, you can open a thread here to get support from the community and our team.

ogurinkaben profile image
Ogurinka Benjamin

This is just perfect

munnyreol profile image
Munny Reol


geshan profile image
Geshan Manandhar

Thanks for using my repo as the example :).

yrgamit profile image
Yrga well

i get this error when i press the deploy button