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Deploying an discordjs bot to Qovery

Good job @janbang067 πŸ”₯

CI/CD: Automating our build and deploy process

Super cool. Happy to have your feedback on Qovery - the easie...

How to deploy your Django app with PostgreSQL on AWS

wow thank you Tomi for such a nice tutorial (I think the most...

Deploy Django Site on Qovery for free

Thanks for sharing Rachit

a first look at qovery

I'd love to see what we can do together

a first look at qovery

Thanks for sharing Anthony

4 Web Design Tips I used in my brand-new website; The four tips you'll want to use.

Your website is hosted with Qovery?

Use Terraform Workspaces for Multi-Environment Deployments

Great article, thanks for sharing your experience.

How Qovery simplifies Cloud Hosting

Thanks for sharing Aggis πŸ”₯

365 Days of Blogging Challenge

Give me money :)

How to host for free your NodeJS app

Hi Ricardo, you can open a thread here to get support from th...

Discover Civo Cloud: a managed Kubernetes based on K3s

Good job Aurelie πŸ‘

How to host for free your NodeJS app

Hi Angel, what do you mean?

Free hosting providers for front-end & back-end applications

Sorry to hear about that. But as I told you on Twitter, Disco...

How to host for free your NodeJS app

Hi Diego, it's exactly the same as deploying a Javascript app...

How to host for free your NodeJS app

It's in the plan πŸ‘Œ thank you for your feedback - you can take...

How to host for free your NodeJS app

not yet but soon

Infracost Feb 2021 update: faster runs, new resources and Atlantis!

Wow! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you guys

Free hosting providers for front-end & back-end applications

Qovery is a great solution to simplify the deployment on AWS ...

3 best alternatives to the big cloud providers

Hi, thanks for this great overview of solutions that can help...

I interviewed 200 CTOs from growing startups - here's what came up

Thanks Manish πŸ™

What are the least expensive cloud providers at various levels of use?

Thanks Pacharapol πŸ™ We work hard to make it better day by day.

A month after switching from Slack to Discord in a remote-first tech startup

And they use Rust behind the scene :)

Containerize A Spring Boot App with Docker

Hi Scottshipp, thanks for sharing. I would really love to hav...

How we lost $800/mo with Amazon ECS Fargate

Hi Raphael, very interesting feedback. Your experience sounds...

Free hosting for Open Source projects

Not at all, but it's a good idea to save resources :) We can'...

Top 10 Discord Servers For Developers

Feel free to join us as well on our Qovery Discord server

JHipster Crash Course - Part 1

hey @marcos , I think you will like this quick article and v...

React, Reactive Microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL & gRPC - Announcing Appwish - Fullstack Tutorial Series & Opensource Project

That's awesome

The simplest way to deploy your Flask application with PostgreSQL on AWS

Substantial compared to what?

DevOps Engineers, What Do You Like About Your Job?

I was DevOps in the financial industry more than 5 years ag...