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Discussion on: Asking for review on non-string regular expressions

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I had a brief look at it, and whilst I'm predominantly a Java developer, I have done some Python scripting in the past so I can look at the code and feel comfortable with it.

I'll try and answer your questions:

Do I understand what this is?

I think so - I believe it's a way to search for a value in complicated objects, and those values and/or objects may or may not be strings.

It feels like it is making Regex more human readable.

Do I see applications for this?

Kind of - I saw right at the bottom that the performance for this was quoted as being "terrible" so it's not something I'd happy use in a production environment, but I can imagine it would be super excellent for searching for a piece of data in a complex JSON or XML object, and that would be super dandy if I say so myself - but only if the performance is decent.

Does the API look nice?

This is where me being a prominent Java developer will probably fail me. To me, it actually reminds me a lot of old-school Java, in that it's very verbose to express something simple. What I would imagine would be nice would be something like

re.on(datatype).match(expression) and have a limited set of expressions be available for the datatype. But I expect that would be more lengthier to code and maintaining a codebase like that would be hell.

But then again I'm not an expert in Python

What features would I want to see around that?

Mainly efficient, easy-to-understand regex formatting with various data types, like JSON, XML, CSS, perhaps even just a massive String which represents a text file.

What would I want before using this in production?

Mostly speed to be honest, and possibly support for the above data types? But that might be a stretch. The API is a nice to have but I rather not enforce that on any Python developer as someone who is interested in the code but isn't an expert on the language.

Honestly I think what you made is cool, even if is in another language that I don't use! 😂 Oh well. It's a good start and I think it definitely has promise!

Keep up the good work! 👍