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Hi Devart

I'm Ron, I'm a dev.to mod, I look after the SQL tag and a few others.

I've noticed that you're posting articles with a high frequency and primarily using it to promote your own services.

This is actually against our terms and conditions: dev.to/terms

As you are not really posting in good faith, ie you're not overtly interested in writing something for our community to read, I'm going to need to ask that you refrain from this behavior.

If you want to post articles about how to use Devart, use cases, case studies, a look into how your company works, your struggles or successes, those would be interesting to read and we would very much welcome that.

If you continue, however, we will start to take action against your posts.


Hi Ron,

Nice to e-meet you.

I’m sorry to hear that from you. The main reason for publishing articles like this is to inform readers (former, current, and potential customers) about changes in our products, not to promote. Tonnes of engineers' work is hidden after these few humble “not interesting” info lines.

I understood that the frequency of posts can be of concern to the general audience (as Devart has hundreds of products to highlight). So we will make changes here, and focus on the REALLY important releases only.

I hope that this reasonable option will fit us both, as we do not want to violate any dev.to rules and at the same time willing to leave important info.

Kind regards,
Jordan Sanders
Chief PR Manager at Devart

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