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re: This was a great read. thanks! There is more than enough work out there for me, I agree in that mind set. If there's a domain that's large e...

I do think it's becoming harder to be fullstack since the domains are so different.

I believe for most people full stack is usually:

  • I'm pretty good on the front-end.
  • I can fix a bug on the back-end.

Or vice-versa.

I have met people who are really good at both, but they are rare.

Personally for the web development world I:

  • Work with it daily
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read books & articles
  • Attend meetups & conferences
  • Work on OSS

I only have so much time, if I was to split the above list between the JS & JVM world I would inevitably be diluting my skills in one in order to grow the other.

And I want to have some sort of life outside of tech 😅

I do believe for some people they LOVE learning both stacks, but that just doesn't work for me. I guess you have to listen to yourself and go with what you enjoy!

fullstack Java/JS as long as it makes sense from a career perspective

From what I've seen the "Java Spring Boot + Angular" stack is HUGE in large corporations.
It definitely helps career-wise having Java + JS. But again, if you have enough opportunities then you may not need both.

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