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Discussion on: Learning Faster as a Developer

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Hi, As a junior Developer I have tried and still trying the third option which is using someone's document to learn something new. Those documents are not essentially a journey story what I am talking about is more tutorials which are written by a senior Developer. What I have noticed in most of them is the lack of prerequisites for that document/tutorial! let's assume I want to learn how to implement an email notification feature for my app! there are plenty of tutorials that can walk me through the steps, very clearly! but not particularly get it to work! when I am reading a new concept as a junior developer, I don't have any idea if that would work for my project or not? it's quite helpful if someone who is writing an instruction to consider who else might be the reader? someone at the beginning level? I need to know for a specific feature what else should be done till that really works? Otherwise, that would be a waste of time! Most of the documents just cover that specific subject nothing further!

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author

It depends on the author as they will assume that you should have a certain level of understanding for the subject when you read it.

Which if it is a high quality article. They might include requirements or installation details to get you started examples like Using Pandas and Python to Explore your Dataset

Personally this could be quite painful for me since I would rather get down to the meat and just add in references that you could seek further materials to understand better.