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DPS909 - Release 0.4 Post 1

I am approaching this weeks blog post slightly late, as I had a few issues.

For our course in open source development, we were tasked with finding a repository to work on, where we could either add a new functionality, fix a family of bugs, or find a bug that would take many reviews and plenty of time to figure out and get merged.

After searching through many different open source repositories, I was unable to find anything that peaked my interest. I was struggling and was slowly loosing hope. However, one thing that kept on occurring was my ongoing PR fixes for my release 0.3 external project Meshery. My ongoing PR was full of reviews, and I was constantly making small changes based off those comments. That is when it sparked to me that this pull request was essentially what our professor was looking for in release 0.4, so I decided to do two things.

1) Look through issues in the same repository, and see if there was any other kind of work that I can pick up, things such as features or bugs.
2) Reach out to my professor, and see if it is possible to extend my PR work from release 0.3 into release 0.4, as the content work for that PR increased, due to more requested changes.

So for release 0.4, I am going to be continuing my work on my existing PR, and also begin to work on issue-605, and that would make up my scope of the release 0.4 project.

My goals:
1) Finish off the PR for the Legend, and get it merged as soon as possible.
2) Begin slowly chipping away at the newsletter subscription bug, and begin the process of getting PR feedback, so that way I have enough time to hopefully merge my changed before the due date of release 0.4

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