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rolivaalonso profile image Ricardo Oliva Alonso ・2 min read

Hi guys, I'm a front-end developer, who has hobbie to do illustrations and animations only with html and css (also javascript if necessary). My love of animation started approximately 10 years ago thanks to the Macromedia Flash software. So I want to share with you what I have done in the last few months. You can see/download the code of all projects in Codepen.

01 - Painter | Designed by: Uran

02 - 3D Radio | Designed by: liukui

03 - Music | Designed by: Emil Ismailov

04 - Piano | Designed by: Miguel E.

05 - Laundry | Designed by: Miguel E.

06 - Freddie Mercury | Designed by: MUTI

07 - Monster | Designed by: Gigantic

08 - Minitel | Designed by: Guillaume Kurkdjian

09 - Town | Designed by: Unknown

10 - Light Switch | Designed by: Su

I would like to continue working with 3D CSS animations, maybe I will update the post or I will do a second part.

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Suzanne Aitchison (she/her)

These are all awesome - nice work!

rolivaalonso profile image
Ricardo Oliva Alonso Author

Thanks a lot Suzanne!

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